Emergency & Health Training Center

3524 Breakwater Ave. Ste E. Hayward CA 94545

The goal of Emergency and Health Training Center is to give first responders the knowledge to recognize an early stage of illness or injury. Our mission is to enforce students to learn the skills needed to respond confidently and effectively in an emergency, using skills such as First Aid and CPR. Only then can they save lives and reduce disabilities for others in our community, home, or work environments. Our goal for training is to make our community, home and work environment safer by preventing illness and injury.  We also work with public libraries to conduct Free CPR and First Aid training thus enabling our community to be safer.

In addition, we believe that being able to give back to our community is a blessing. Therefore, we have been providing funding to Smile Train, a non-profit organization working towards freeing children from living with a cleft lip or palate. The reason for this is because we believe that every child deserves to have a beautiful smile. Aside from donating to Smile Train, we are also providing the necessary supplies and food to the less fortunate such as homeless people in the Bay Area. To volunteer with us, please visit us here.


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